Diverter Parts for Tub Spouts

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Stubborn sliders, spraying spouts and leaky tub spigots that steal pressure from your shower are all exasperating issues. Additionally, they waste a lot of precious water! If you have used diverter spouts for any length of time, some of these problems undoubtedly sound familiar. The good news is that all of these common malfunctions have a single and relatively inexpensive solution. Buy and install replacement diverter parts for the affected spout. It is almost always more efficient to replace parts than it is to switch out the whole diverter spout unless the spout itself is cracked, worn or otherwise irretrievably damaged. This kit makes it easy by including the replacement parts you need to restore full function to most common tub-to-shower diverter mechanisms.

  • Contents include cup holder, cup washer and lift arm
  • Useful in most applications, including RV and mobile home
  • Stops leaks by replacing essential diverter components
  • Standard equipment sizes for most mobile home and RV diverters
  • Saves money when compared to buying a replacement diverter assembly
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 1.25 in. x 3.65 in. x 5.7 in.

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